Before Continuing The Process Please Kindly Read Below Terms and Condition

Please read terms and condition carefully:
1. Engineering students enrolled
2. Expected enrolment in this year is 3 lakh and above students
3. Total scholarship will be distributed is 30% of total students enrolled
4. If student come under the slab of Stipend, he will be provided with 5000/month
5. Scholarship will be rewarded for 1 year only if student have backlogs in any paper or in proceeding year then scholarship will be cancelled
6. Scholarship may increase or decrease accede to the number of student enrolled

Slab For Private College

Engineering/Medical Scholarship(% of College Fee per Year) Marks in AISET Open Book Exam
5year (Medical Only) 100% 80%
4year (Engineering Only) 100% =80%
4year (Medical Only) 90% 70%= Marks < 80%
3year 85% 60%= Marks < 70%
2year 80% 50%= Marks < 60%
1year 75% 45%= Marks < 50%
Rewards/td> Rewards 40%= Marks < 45%

Slab For Government College

Engineering/Medical Scholarship(% of College Fee per Year) Marks in AISET Open Book Exam
5year (Medical Only) 80,000 80%
4year (Engineering Only) 80,000 80%
4year (Medical Only) 60,000 70%= Marks < 80%
3year 50,000 60%= Marks < 70%
2year 40,000 50%= Marks < 60%
1year 40,000 45%= Marks < 50%
Rewards Rewards 40%= Marks < 45%

About Open Book Scholarship Exam


In open book examinations, the candidates are allowed to refer to their textbooks and other approved study material for answering the questions. The candidates are evaluated on subject matter understanding rather than memorizing the contents of the subject. This helps in developing skills such as critical and creative thinking. In fact, these are often quite difficult, as an open book exam requires a genuine understanding of the material and be able to interpret, think critically, and attempt questions strategically. But with the help of preparation, note taking skills, and test attempting strategies one can succeed in performing well in open book exams. The need for mugging is eliminated when attempting open book exams. And once the concept of mugging is taken out of the candidates system, education and studies become more of a fun activity. If studies are made fun and approached with a fresh methodology then the subject matter retention in the candidates increases drastically.

Education is not merely a means of doing something to obtain a degree, but is actually a lifelong process of mental development that does not end with just obtaining a degree.